Monday, September 20, 2010

gone but not forgotten

ok so you get a peek at the poetry on my frig...s & s - you will recognize these.

When friends are mean, ugly and sordid, say less. time will spray as mist.

tv size show goddess

essential sausage eggs milk

moaned his butt, but he drives ahead, they ask can we do over, beat, no need of going after what you want for alls gone and black

the tongue is the club apparatus to be used with a scream

do not be bitter, incubate in a symphony of gorgeous vision above eternity, leave death behind, soar in to a sky dreaming

I fall fast in a moon, run raw to your garden from under a thousand tiny wet white diamonds.

moments days live life like elaborate luscious music, water, wind, rain, a honey sun, languid shadows swim through crushed roses.

men, boys, stop crying, I will tell him how to do something useful like cook and read & iron - this is mother's gift.

most ask from want for none have.

power, blood, aching, trudge, stare, shake, pound, chant, pant

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