Thursday, January 21, 2010

thought I'd never get around to it again...

reading for pleasure. Yes, last night I read an entire book. Ok-- it was just a short, nightmarish fiction novel for very young adults called Coraline. Yes, I saw the flick too...with the old timey fun 3D glasses. The book is true to the spirit of the film. Very dark, full of metaphors, and symbolism.

So I will think about it for a few day, then shoot an image...wait for it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

good things

So something like Haiti happens and we ask ourselves why? But in the worst times, goodness rises out of it. Easy for me to say? Yes, I have been through a period of refining. I seem to have taken a wrong turn. It got really hot, it hurt and then I was able to keep going right through it. I picked up the pieces and move forward. I found out how really strong I am. I remembered who is in control and who has the plan. God. He is working everything out, even when we tend to royally screw things up. He is funny and has a really weird sense of humor. He takes you down the path you really wouldn't pick and really don't want to go but it is better. It all works out. So I will look for the good that will come from the mess of Haiti.

And in my time of rest between semesters, I will start on something new, work on old stuff that I never really had time to touch before and pick up where I left off...back on track.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

lull before the storm

School is out. Class is is short...I am sitting out this semester.It is time to print again. It is time to morph in creative mode again.
So I am sitting out this semester. It is all bitter sweet.
I begin again... reading, shooting, posting and maybe some painting. I will produce what I want to produce.