Monday, December 7, 2009

last post

Yes, this is an unnecessary post.
I end where I began...with my blog.

I can't believe, after all this time, I am having trouble writing about the need to connect. After being isolated for so long...How fast I forget.

I keep thinking about the need to connect. How close we are and yet how so very far away we really are. No one really knows anything or anyone. Not really.

We desire intangible things like security. Tell me what that means? There is no such thing in this earthly life.

We desire private in the public. But if we are private, we are alone. So we speak behind the veil of the internet. We have a big voice, with no face...or a false face, one that we construct.

"The real world affords many ways of keeping public, private, and secret utterances separate from one another, starting with the fact that groups have until recently largely been limited to meeting in the real world, and things you say in the real world are heard only by the people you are talking to and only while you are talking to them." Shirky pg 89.

We connect in a virtual world so we can connect beyond human boundaries.

There is no privacy here. There is no security here.
There is only the word. It is old, yet alive, real and on fire. And the word is good. And the word is God.

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