Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is really a very interesting book on many levels.

First, I am writing system application training for adults for medical research. I get the ordering, cataloging, and methodology process. This is the way I think. I am an artist, but I am also very systematic. I think people think systematically, orderly - whatever you call it. It is a way to connect. It makes sense. I get it. The book makes you wonder, what if?

Also, about the Bible...I believe the Word is alive and inspired from God. People that read it (whatever translation) and get it, are Spirit filled. God says in His Word that before He returns, all mankind will know who He is - they will recognize Him when He returns. I think that it was no accident or coincidence that the Bible was the first widely published book. I think God is in control. I think humans have the choice to believe or not. It is their choice. The dissemination of the Word was part of the plan.

God is love and peace. He requires respect. Most people do not choose this as they want to be in control of their life. Once you understand His power and acknowledge He is in control, you submit to His will, you are one of His.

Some get it, and some don't. Whether you think it is some code, some conspiracy or some cult...I don't really care. I am Spirit filled. I understand that the WORD is alive. I dig it, understand it, and know I am His.

The book doesn't really make a stand or not. She is a great objective observer. I love how she presents how everything has unfolded. It is part of a bigger plan.

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